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Fabric Collections


A Festival of Roses By Benartex

A Poinsettia Winter by Jason Yenter

A Quilter's Christmas by Jim Shore

Always Face the Sunshine by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics

Angels Above by Northcott

Animal Magic

Australian Spirit

Baby Safari by Clothworks

Backyard Blooms by Allison Harris for Windham

Bali Stone Quarry by Benartex

Be Colourful by Jaqueline DeJong


Best of Days

Best of Morris by Moda

Better Not Pout by Nancy Halverson for Benartex

Better Stitch by Blank

Bloom Bloom Butterfly by RJR Fabrics

Blossom & Bloom by Wilmington Prints


Blush and Blue by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass Fabrics


Born To Be Wild By Michael Miller


Breeze by Zen Chic

Bristle Creek

Butter Churn Basics by Kim Diehl

Celestial Lights By Amanda Murphy for Benartex

Chef's Special by Quilting Treasures

Christmas Memories by Lucie Crovatto for Studio E

Circle of Friends by Donna Robertson for QT Fabrics

Colourflow by STOF

Cotton Blossom

Cotton Couture by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics

Count Your Blessings

Counting Sheep

Cultivate Kindness by MODA

December Magic by Emma Leach for Blank Quilting Corporation

Desert Rose by Judy and Judel Niemeyer for Timeless Treasures

Dino Glow

Double Decker Christmas by Northcott

Early Bird by Moda

Eliana by Windham Fabrics

Everything But The Kitchen Sink XIV

Fairy Frost by Michael Miller Fabrics

Farm to Market by Jan Mott

Farmhouse Reds

Feather & Flora

Feline Frolic by Laurel Burch

Fine Spun

Fruit by Timeless Treasures

Gail by Timeless Treasures

Garden Delights III

Garden of Dreams

Garden Variety by Moda

Ginger & Spice

Goat Island by Michael Miller



Handsome by Whistler Studios from Windham

Harvest Elegance by QT Fabrics

Harvest Gold


Hearthside Holiday

Holiday Flourish Metallic 12 by Robert Kaufman

Home is Best

Home is Where The Dog Is By Henry Glass

Homestead Colonial

I Want A Monster

Impressions by Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics

Impromptu Mix by Marcus Brothers

Jasmine's Garden by P&B Textiles

Jesus Loves Me by Quilting Treasures

Jolly Saint Nick

Jubilee Silver by Amanda Murphy for Benartex

Kaffe Fassett

La Vie En Rouge

Land That I Love By Dan DiPaolo

Legendary Loves

Lewe, the Ewe by Susybee

Liberty Hill

Light in the Forest by Sue Penn for Free Spirit

Lilacs in Bloom

Lilyanne by Ann Lauer for Benartex

Linework by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

Live Free by Jessica Mundo for Henry Glass

Lost World by Quilting Treasures

Lullaby by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics

Mackinac Island by Minick & Simpson for MODA

Magnificent Blooms by Jackie Robinson

Magnolia Mania

Mama Lal by Susybee



Moda Winter Village

Moody Bloom Linen Natural

Moon and Back By Henry Glass

Morris Garden Reproduction

My Home State by Northcott

Mystical by Quilting Treasures

Night Riviera by Marcus Fabrics

Octopus Garden by Robert Kaufman

Ode To Joy

Once In A Blue Mood

Papas Old Truck

Pastiche by In The Beginning

Pencil Club

Pepper and Flax

Pink Ribbons by Foust

Plant Kindness by Janet Rae Nesbitt for Henry Glass Fabrics

Poinsettias Pine by Moda


Rainbow of Jewels


Regency Ballycastle by Moda

Rescued and Loved by Leeanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler for Henry Glass

Riviera Rose by Renee Nanneman

Safari, So Goodie by Wilmington Prints


Serafina by QT Fabrics

Serengeti by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics

Sewing Mends the Soul

Shimmer & Shine

Shine On by Bonnie and Camille for Moda

Silent Night by Henry Glass Fabrics

Sing Your Song

Snow Place Like Home by Studio E Fabrics

Stars and Stripes V11 by Northcott

Stonehenge Ombre by Northcott


Sunday Afternoon by Jim Ishikawa from Clothworks

Sunnyside Up

Tapestry by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics

Tara by Windham Fabrics

Terra by Whistler Studios

Thankful & Blessed

The Leah Collection

Through the Years by MODA

Tim Holtz - Foundations Free Spirit Fabrics

Toadally Cool By Benartex

Totally Tulips by Benartex

Tropical Gardens by Katya Ross

Tula Pink Collection

Versailles by QT fabrics

Vintage Boardwalk by Maywood Studio

Washed Wood by Benartex

Way Under

Well Said

When I Am Big

Whoos Hoo from Windham

Wild Things

Winter's Grandeur Metallic

Wish by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics

Woodland Wander


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02543 10 Benartex Red Liberty Hill


02547 07 BenartexTwill Cream Liberty Hill


14851 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral Polka Dot Flowers Red Minick Simpson


14851 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Polka Dot Flowers Ivory Red Minick Simpson


14851 23 Farmhouse Reds Floral Polka Dot Flowers Tonal Tan Minick Simpson


14852 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral Floral Grid Red Minick Simpson


14852 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Floral Grid Ivory Minick Simpson


14852 21 Farmhouse Reds Floral Floral Grid Tonal Red Minick Simpson


14853 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral Bias Stripe Dark Red Minick Simpson


14853 12 Farmhouse Reds Floral Bias Stripe Tan Minick Simpson


14853 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Bias Stripe Ivory Red Minick Simpson


14853 23 Farmhouse Reds Floral Bias Stripe Ivory Minick Simpson

$8.22 $12.51

14854 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Triangles Ivory Red Minick Simpson


14855 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral Dots on Dots Red Minick Simpson


14855 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Dots on Dots Tan Red Minick Simpson


14856 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral 3 Petal Flower Red Ivory Minick Simpson


14856 12 Farmhouse Reds Floral 3 Petal Flower Dk Tan Ivory Minick Simpson


14857 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral Lattice Red Ivory Minick Simpson


14857 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Lattice Ivory Red Minick Simpson


14857 23 Farmhouse Reds Floral Lattice Tan Minick Simpson


14858 11 Farmhouse Reds Floral Meandering Dots Red Minick Simpson


14858 13 Farmhouse Reds Floral Meandering Dots Tan Minick Simpson


1640-07 Homestead Colonial

$6.00 $11.82

1640-10 Homestead Colonial

$6.00 $11.82

1640-32 Homestead Colonial

$6.00 $11.82

1641-87 Homestead Colonial

$6.00 $11.82

1647-07 Homestead Colonial


17966-12 Well Said Texture Floral Peacock


17968-12 Well Said Checked Floral Peacock


17968-18 Well Said Checked Floral Citrine


23618 X150 Wild Things Panel


23620 A150 Wild Things Animal Sketches


23620 E150 Wild Things Animal Sketches


23621 E150 Wild Things Giraffe Print


23621 S150 Wild Things Giraffe Print


23622 B150 Wild Things Geometric Flower


23622 H150 Wild Things Geometric Flower


23622 R150 Wild Things Geometric Flower


23622 S150 Wild Things Geometric Flower


23623 O150 Wild Things Scroll


23623 R150 Wild Things Scroll


23624 B150 Wild Things Geometric Flower


23624 E150 Wild Things Geometric Flower


29046 13 Moda Pepper Flax Floral Lacy Stripe Pepper

$6.00 $12.51

30148 39M Grunge Seeing Stars


30150 447 Grunge Curry


30150 448 Grunge Ginger Ale


30150 449 Grunge Peachy


30150 455 Grunge Bellini


30150 462 Grunge Nectar


30150 471 Grunge Sweetheart


30150 472 Grunge Lupine


30150 482 Grunge Storm


30150 483 Grunge Nocturne


42968 1 Legendary Loves


42969-2 Legendary Loves Windham Fabrics


42970-1 Legendary Loves Windham Fabrics


42970-3 Legendary Loves Windham Fabrics


42970-5 Legendary Loves Windham Fabrics


42971-2 Legendary Loves Windham Fabrics


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