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Open Classroom


Calla Lily Quilts acquired the new large Classroom in June of 2021.  We were able to open up the classroom to support our teaching and education effort for quilters and sewists.  

The classroom is approximately 1100 square feet, where we can comfortable offer 20 student desks for sewing.  We arranged the classroom into 5 separate pods, each with four seats around a central electrical pole, so everyone has easy access to an electrical outlets for their sewing machines, and portable ironing stations.  We also have two permanent large ironing stations as well as two cutting tables.  We have large design walls available for the students to use.  We could not be happier with our classroom, and this is why we offer our classroom to our students for Open Classroom!  

Rates:  $5 per hour, which can be broken down to quarter hour increments.  At most, students who spend an entire day in the classroom can expect to pay $30, because it is only open from 10 am until 4 pm, or six hours.  You will only pay for the time that you spend using the classroom.  This is not something you register for in advance, though we have a sign in and sign out sheet for open Classroom days at the Register.

See schedule below for upcoming dates!