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Collage Collective

Our Newest Club!!

Join Calla Lily Quilts in the Collage Collective:

Cost: $25 per meeting
Meets: One Saturday per month, does not always fall on the same Saturday of the month
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Next Meeting: October 16, 2021
Challenge:  Bring your current Collage Work-in-Progress (and we know you have them, Laura Heine students!!!)
Sign up at: Registration Page

This club is meant for anyone who is interested in making textile/fabric collages!  Bring your unfinished Laura Heine collage pattern, buy a new Laura Heine pattern,    draw your own design, or bring in any current textile/fabric collage project to work on during the club meeting.  This club will learn basic design elements and principles of making textile collages; techniques, materials, and supplies; learn about various textile and fabric collage artists and designers like Laura Heine; work with values, tints, and hues of color to improve fabric selections; learn about dimension, depth, scale and using patterns and design motifs to enhance the overall perspective of your collage, and so so much more!!  We will work together, learn from each other, and discover new challenges!  Each quarter, as a group, the Collective will decide on a challenge (theme/topic) to focus on for the quarter.  

This club is open to anyone wanting to learn textile/fabric collage techniques.  This is a work-at-your-own pace sort of club where you can focus on your own project in which Collective members are encouraged to express their artwork individually, using skills as we all develop.  We will also be stretching our creativity skills and strengthening ideas and concepts.  If anyone has ever told you that you are not creative, this is the club for you BECAUSE we'll make you believe otherwise!  Creativity abounds here!!!